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Soundcloud is the New Cloudy Music Service for Music Lovers

SoundCloud, a large-scale online music storage service gaining its popularity that makes it easy to differentiate between the huge volume of new and old music tracks. Moreover, this service allows to create and organize playlists, albums and individual tracks.


1. The mechanism of the service.

1.1. How to get music on SoundCloud?

1.2. What features are there on SoundCloud?

2. Details on using the service.

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Soundcloud is the New Cloudy Music Service for Music Lovers

Mechanism of the service

How does SoundCloud work? Summarizing all the available information about Sound Cloud, you can see that the service is much different from similar platforms. For a small fee for the selected subscription, you can access any songs and music uploaded to the “Cloud”. At the same time, SoundCloud has tracks from more than twenty thousand well-known music labels.

Does SoundCloud need WiFi to listen to the stream of selected music online? After the user logs in to the service, downloads an app on their iOS device and selects the necessary amount of music, they can listen to any of the songs offline, that is, with no Internet access.

How to use Sound Cloud? In addition to downloading music from musicians and musical bands, listeners, their favorite idols, front men of bands can communicate on the basis of Sound Cloud. This is a new word in musical creativity, because even unknown, but promising performers can receive a monetary reward for their creativity.

How to get music on Soundcloud?

To implement the function of listening to SoundCloud music offline, Russian users should use an iOS device with a VPN app installed on it. After downloading it from the official store (AppStore) or another trusted reliable source, check for the presence of so-called coins, a means of payment in this service. Each connected user is given a bonus of 25 coins.

By the way, you will immediately notice the indisputable “plus” of this platform – there is no need to register, you can immediately start downloading, selecting and listening to the songs in the side menu according to genre and other characteristics. If it is more convenient to search for each song by name or by the author, there is a comfortable search. Now start adding your favorite music for coins. Each song will cost about ten coins, but in some cases, there are discounts. For example, when buying a subscription for a longer period. If there are not enough coins received, buy more. For absolutely unlimited use, immediately buy a "mega-package".

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Despite the fact that SoundCloud is proud of the absence of annoying advertising, the economical music lover can still earn some money. To receive free coins, you will need to download and use any proposed sponsorship app. The profit in this case will be from 1 to 204 coins, that you can spend at your discretion on SoundCloud. Tell your friends about the Sound Downloader program and replenish the "treasury" with some additional coins.

By the way, a subscription for American users costs a bit less than ten dollars a month ($9.99) if the music lover uses an Android device, and $12.99 for the lovers of iOS-based devices.

Soundcloud is the New Cloudy Music Service for Music Lovers

What features are there on Soundcloud?

Does SoundCloud work offline? Of course, for the convenient use of the SoundCloud service, it has a special player. This is justified, because the music purchased here, cannot be listened to in other music players on your device. The same rule applies in the reverse order: if a previously downloaded song is already there on the device, it cannot be transferred to the SoundCloud player. The service also pleases with the presence of playlists that you can compose yourself or listen to from others.

To enjoy music without the Internet connection, be sure to subscribe to SoundCloud Go. After that, to save tracks offline, just click the download symbol button, which looks like an arrow opposite the song. If you need to upload not a just separate track, but an entire album or a playlist to the device, tap the same button on the smartphone at the top of the playlist.

Here goes a life hack for the SoundCloud users: set the Save Automatically parameter in the settings. Thus, the songs will be saved as new music content until the space reserved for SoundCloud on the device finishes.

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Details on using the service

It turns out that the user can choose the volume of services that they would like to receive. The most functional Sound Cloud package is called PRO. It includes:

• doubled volume of downloaded songs;

• wider statistics;

• no limit on the number of compositions;

• the ability to pin tracks at the top of the user list.

All of the above privileges will cost only $8 per month or $99 per year.

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When using an account with the status of PRO Unlimited (that is, professional, “no limits”), downloading songs is not limited in time. In addition, you can view information about how many users and in what cities listen to your playlist or recorded song. The most interesting feature for the artists is the data about the sites where your tracks are being listened.

SoundCloud is a service for the artists and their listeners, for music lovers and musicians who appreciate and love comfort and modern technology. Using the platform is convenient and safe.

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