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How to Become a Famous Musician and Make Money on Music. How to Download Songs from SoundCloud

Cannot you live a day without music? Do you write cool songs or maybe constantly searching for the new songs for the playlist? SoundCloud is exactly what you need! Create an account here and start downloading songs right now!


• More about the platform

• Opportunities

• Features for the paid followers

• How to download songs

• Could the songs be downloaded to the phone?

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How to Become a Famous Musician and Make Money on Music. How to Download Songs from SoundCloud

More about the platform

SoundCloud is an online platform designed for distributing music content. Supplemented by the tools of the social network, it establishes feedback between listeners and performers, and allows to quickly find out the audience's opinion about a particular work. The meaning of “a cloud of sound” best reflects its essence and purpose. Next, we will learn how to download SoundCloud songs on iPhone, as well as share our best practices. However, before moving on to step-by-step instructions, we suggest a little plunge into the history of the company.

Ideas for creating a unique musical project appeared back in 2006, but they took shape into a full-fledged business concept only by 2007. At the same time, the official registration of the trademark took place. The site began to function in a year - in October 2008.

What is noteworthy, the company managed to quickly gather its target audience and even challenge MySpace, popular at that time. The success of SoundCloud is easy to explain - at the forefront there were people truly passionate about the music. Thus, the musicians Eric Wahlforss and sound engineer Alex Ljung became the creators of the site.

SoundCloud was supposed to be an online portal that would allow musicians from all over the world to share their tracks. However, later the project grew into a full-fledged channel for the distribution of music content.

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Before moving on to a step-by-step algorithm on how do download music from SoundCloud, we will analyze the main features of the service. So, its main distinguishing feature is the right to distribute songs separately through a unique URL-code. This allows to embed each entry into the popular social networks (FB, Twitter, etc.).

Also, site participants can:

• use special widgets to post on sites and blogs;

• use the API to download or download files from SoundCloud;

• leave comments anywhere in the sound recording.

Well, and, of course, they can communicate freely through private messages.

Features for the paid followers

Nowadays SoundCloud has two tariff plans - PRO and PRO Unlimited.

The first one allows to:

• download twice as many songs (by time);

• view advanced statistics;

• pin up the tracks at the top of the user list.

It costs $63 a year (or $7 a month).

The second one allows to:

• download songs without time limits;

• track users by city;

• view the third-party sites and apps where the tracks have been listened to.

It costs $135 a year (or $15 a month).

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How to Become a Famous Musician and Make Money on Music. How to Download Songs from SoundCloud

How to download songs

The first step is basic - to create an account on the site. Unregistered users can listen to music, however, for downloading and uploading files one has to “get out of the shadows” by showing their identity. In general, there is nothing supernatural about it, because the listeners have the right to know whose compositions cling to them (as well as the performers have the right to know who is interested in their work).

Immediately after registration, the “Upload” button will become available. By clicking on it, you will be able to simultaneously download the author's musical content, with a total duration of up to two hours. If this time is not enough for you, we recommend purchasing a paid subscription - PRO or PRO Unlimited.

While the songs are loaded, you will have the opportunity to customize their names, add descriptions and pictures, and also specify the genre. For more coverage, you can use tags.

Important: nowadays, downloading files to SoundCloud is only possible from a PC. As for the mobile apps, through them you can edit the previously posted tracks.

Could the songs be downloaded to the phone?

One of the most common questions among the participants of the online platform is “Can I download a song from SoundCloud?”. “The answer is: Yes, you can”. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to do this:

1. Visit the official portal - SoundCloud.com.

2. Log in to the system by entering the username and password.

3. Click on the search bar at the top of the screen.

4. Enter the name of the song you like and start the search.

5. Click on the desired item.

6. The composition page will open where you will see the “Download” button. Click on it to start the download.

If the mentioned button does not appear on the page, you can install a special extension with which you can also download the song.

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Owners of Android smartphones can download their favorite songs directly to their phone, simply by installing the Peggo app. It's free and allows to save MP3 files from SoundCloud, as well as videos from YouTube.

As for the owners of Apple devices, there is also a special program for this - SoundDownloader. It can be installed for free from the AppStore, however, in order to use it, you will have to buy a subscription (several tariff plans are provided). The app has a simple and intuitive interface, which allows to download songs to your smartphone for free and listen to them without restrictions in the offline mode.

Thus, SoundCloud is a cool music platform that allows the newbie performers to grow and develop. You can freely upload the copyright tracks here or download your favorite songs (both on a computer and on your phone).

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