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Case: Promotion of a Foreign Language School on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today, within which users can share photos and videos, write short notes and messages. Founded in 2010, it managed to take a step forward, taking possession of certain levers of pressure, constructing the public opinion. According to the most conservative estimates, more than 100 million people enter the app daily, spending about 3-4 hours on the network.


• Promotion of a school of foreign languages

• Instagram business: key features

• First step. Account creation

• Second phase. Working with an account

• Design creation

• Blog content

• First results

• The importance of primary cheating

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Case: Promotion of a Foreign Language School on Instagram

Promotion of a school of foreign languages

Such success makes Instagram especially attractive for the development and promotion of one’s own business. So, according to the official statistics of the company, in recent years there has been a noticeable increase of the business accounts seeking to expand the target audience, get the new customers through a social network. This is fully justified: site visitors are more loyal and susceptible to advertising, more often look at posts of a marketing nature.

Thus, Instagram is a very promising media space that allows to promote various products and services. From the information below, you will learn how to attract customers to a school of foreign languages ​​through the social network, and also what role Instagram cheat plays in this.

Instagram business: key features

Why is this social network so demanded when promoting a business? To answer this question, it is enough to give a little statistics:

• The monthly audience of the app (the number of users logging into the network at least once in thirty days) is 13 million;

• Over the past year, the number of Russian users has increased five times;

• In terms of total traffic, the Russian Federation takes the second place - immediately after the United States;

• The main age group is people aged from 25 to 34 years old (and indeed they, according to the recent sociological studies, they have the greatest purchasing potential);

• Application users are not concentrated in any one location, for example, in Moscow, but are distributed throughout Russia. Moreover, the largest number of registrations falls on such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk.

Thus, the most active and solvent users are there on Instagram which is especially attractive for them, as it has all the necessary features. Namely:

• access to the account statistics - the ability to track the number of followers who viewed or rated a post, etc.;

• taking into consideration the coverage and engagement - these criteria reliably display the degree of activity on the page, studying Instagram likes and comments;

• Direct-messages allow to be in constant contact with the potential customers, timely satisfying their requests;

• hashtags - these indispensable tool helps in promoting your account, structuring your content.

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In addition, the business account holders have access to high-quality Instagram cheat services. With their help, you can promote your account in record time, and with it the brand, gaining an additional audience.

First step. Account creation

In connection to the active promotion of travel-philosophy, constant self-knowledge and self-improvement, various educational master classes and webinars, online lectures and language schools are especially popular. Instagram is the most promising platform for such promotion, because it allows to competently structure the content, vividly and colorfully visualize the information presented.

The starting point in promoting a foreign language school is to create an account. In this case, the special attention must be paid to the following aspects and nuances:

• Is the teaching format an online course or a standard school involving personal attendance? In the first case, you are not tied to a specific territory and can build a dialogue with the Instagram followers from different places on the globe.

• Niche - what is your general goal? Preparation for international language exams, school exams or banal expansion of vocabulary?

• Region - the chosen teaching format is crucial here.

• Budget - are you ready to spend money on additional advertising? This case suggests minimizing the costs of marketing promotion by choosing an option such as automatic Instagram cheat.

• The first block of tasks identify the primary plan, indicate clear timelines when it should be implemented. The simplest example if to gather a group of students (at least five people) in two weeks.

• The large-scale goal is to organize a multi-stage educational project that will consistently bring profit.

Thus, the entire first stage of the case is devoted to planning, forecasting and modeling. Having defined the above criteria, proceed to creating a profile and designing a header.

Second phase. Working with an account

Having identified the main areas of activity, start marketing analysis. It will allow to draw a harmonious picture of the future project, determine the vector of development, identify possible risks and costs.

Case: Promotion of a Foreign Language School on Instagram

Six key points of analysis:

1. Creating a brief. Outline the main advantages of the school being organized, explain how it differs from others already existing in the market.

2. Detailed business. Understand the specifics of the work, calculate the potential income and expenses, determine the formulas and pricing strategies. What factors will be the final cost of education at your school? How will the settlement with customers occur?

3. Assessment of seasonality and demand. Explore the market niche - how much is it in demand and relevant at present? What is the minimum and maximum profit that can be obtained in future?

4. Market research. Are there many competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

5. Formation of the image of the future customer. Determine who your project is aimed at: students, senior citizens, schoolchildren, etc. Who is your target audience?

6. Evaluation of competitors. Study accounts on similar subjects, try to avoid explicit copying and borrowing.

Having completed all six points, you can build a full-fledged visual image of a school of foreign languages, determine the content.

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Design creation

Having decided on the theme of the business blog, proceed to its graphic content. All posts and publications should be designed in the same style, having a single atmosphere.

If creating basic templates is difficult, consult a specialist. It is noteworthy that they can also be found on Instagram by the thematic hashtags.

Remember, even the most effective cheating helping get more views on Instagram will not allow to gather a large audience without a beautiful visual component, the high-quality and informative content.

Blog content

First of all, identify your strengths and weaknesses. So, for example, if you cannot write texts that are both educational and entertaining, fully concentrate on the high standards of teaching. Start from this when creating the first Instagram post.

The first publication of the profile is post-dating. From it, the Instagram followers should receive complete and comprehensive information about the school. For what purposes was it created? Who is its founder? What languages ​​are taught? Who are the teachers? Why should they contact this school?

The following is a more specific selection of posts that shows the following:

• each of the languages ​​that can be studied at the school (one language = one post);

• teachers, their professional achievements and regalia;

• specific teaching methods and technologies - what is your uniqueness and exclusivity?

The introductory material is diluted with the informative posts, as well as information on how to enroll in the course, and what follows upon its completion (certificate, diploma, etc.).

First results

When the first group of students is recruited, the nature of the narrative must change. By this moment, you will have time to introduce the whole school staff and list all its advantages and benefits.

Having started working with students, organize an online diary of their successes:

• Identify topics covered during the last classes;

• Arrange quizzes and contests;

• Continue maintaining an educational section, allowing followers to receive basic language information.

It’s very important not to forget about the Stories. So, for example, it can be entirely devoted to the entertaining content. Of course, on the relevant main topics.

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The importance of primary cheating

One of the most important metrics is Instagram followers and likes. It is based on this number a person makes an opinion about the entire blog.

In this case, a simple stereotype operates: the fewer followers, the worse is the school and the quality of teaching. And it doesn’t matter that this is a very superficial and unjustified judgment - most people think that way.

Therefore, at the beginning of blogging, the automatic cheating of Instagram followers is especially effective. It helps to gain Instagram followers, an initial audience that will be joined by real customers and users.

Primary cheating will allow the account to remain in the top, make it more authoritative and influential in the eyes of people. This is an effective tool that contributes to a quick result.

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