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Case: Promotion of One-Day Apartment Rentals on Social Networks

Today it is difficult to imagine a person who is not registered in any of the existing social networks. Especially popular are Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte. It is these resources that open up enormous opportunities for promoting any type of business. In today's world, there is no need to leave home for shopping or ordering food home. On social networks you can find clothing stores, goods for kids, restaurants, as well as short term apartment rentals. This will be discussed today in our article. Below we will give the detailed instructions concerning the case of promotion of one-day apartment rentals on social networks.


• How to promote a one-day apartment rentals in social networks?

• Creating a business account on Instagram and its promotion.

• Facebook page design and promotion.

• Business group in Vkontakte.

• Conclusion

Case: Promotion of One-Day Apartment Rentals on Social Networks

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How to promote a one-day apartment rentals in social networks?

Undoubtedly, business promotion is a complex process where you need to make every effort. To make a profit, it’s not enough just to register an account. The main components of a successful business are:

• proper page layout;

• efficient filling of the profile;

• using the high-quality content for placing it in the networks;

• primary Instagram followers cheat;

• maintaining activity with the help of cheating likes and comments for Instagram.

Below we will discuss in more detail the methods that need to be used to promote one-day apartment rentals in the popular social networks .

Creating a business account on Instagram and its promotion

Instagram followers are the most active users among the other social networks. Therefore, the best platform for making a profit from apartments for rent is Instagram.

The first step to take is to correctly register your account. It is important to recall that it is possible to use one account for Instagram and Facebook. For the purpose of easy remembering by the users, and, accordingly, quick brand recognition among a dozen similar ones, you need to choose a concise and easy to remember name. In the profile, it is very important to provide all the contact information, including the official site, if available. This will facilitate the search for phone numbers to contact you.

For successful promotion of a business account, it is important to adhere to such tips:

• fill the page with exclusively high-quality content. Photos of objects must be taken at a high level. All the necessary little things should be visually distinguished, for example, add all the decor elements in the carousel of up to 10 photos. The main feature of Instagram is precisely the visual perception of data - do not forget about it;

• Provide full information about rental properties in image captions. For example, here you can specify the pieces of furniture, the availability of Internet access, TV. Thus, the potential customers will be able to get aquainted with the full list of features of the service provided;

• in a separate post, which can be repeated on an ongoing basis, tell about the ordering methods, what documents are needed for this;

• communicate with the followers. It is important to respond as soon as possible to their comments and questions. Thus, you can increase loyalty to your business;

• Use the appropriate hashtags and tags. Now Instagram has the ability to follow the content updates by a specific tag. Thus, you will expand the circle of your customer base.

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After filling in the information and posting the content, the first important step is the initial cheating of Instagram followers. It will be the start of the promotion of the business and the impetus for the independent adding of followers. If a large number of people follow an account, then it is popular and causes more trust. The administration of the resource displays such accounts in the top list, they often appear in the recommendations for following by other users.

After that, you need to create activity on the page. Initially, this is done through cheating likes and comments. Why is this necessary? When a potential customer falls into the profile with the product or service they need, the first thing they pay attention to is the interest of other people. If photos collect a lot of likes and comments, then rental is in good demand. Because the instinct feeling “I need it as well” is triggered, so the user falls into the category of clients. It is worth noting that the content gaining a sufficient number of likes will be displayed in the Popular section. And this, in its turn, means greater audience reach.

Such services will help raise you in the list of existing business areas. Thanks to these simple manipulations, you can start earning faster.

There is a possibility that followers following you may unsubscribe. In order to find a business account in popularity ratings, it is necessary not only to adhere to the existing number of followers, but also to increase this indicator. It is very easy to do. To do this, there are two options for promotion - artificial and natural methods. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Artificial promotion methods include:

• acquisition of followers. This method is very popular and effective. With the help of artificial increase of the audience, you create the effect of demand for services by even more people. Each user who visits the account with ahuge number of followers gets interested in the provided service. If there is interest in the apartment, then there is a high probability of certain actions on the part of the consumer. Of course, this service is paid. But based on the experience and statistics, the invested funds pay off as soon as possible in the form of income from sales;

Case: Promotion of One-Day Apartment Rentals on Social Networks

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• mass-following. Special services can also help. You voice your requirements as for the followers, for example, from a certain region and age data. So you can get more interested followers who will immediately be loyal to you.

The natural methods mean:

• advertising your business with other accounts. This is easy to do. You need to find profiles that have similar areas of activity and offer mutual advertising or recommendation of your services for money. Popular is the appeal to the top bloggers who, for a certain fee, will advertise your page;

• using popular hashtags. Today, a lot of portal users follow certain tags interesting for them. Place hashtags under each post. After following it, your new posts will be displayed first to the followers in the news feed. This will lead to the likes from the people who view them, and may lead to the display of the posts in the top list;

• viral following and adding comments under the posts of potential customers. You need to independently enter the profiles of potential customers, following them and leaving comments under the posts. There is a possibility of the mutual following. It is necessary to be extremely careful here, because the administration of the resource can regard this as spam and block your account;

• paid advertising directly from the portal. Such advertising is the most targeted. That is, audience coverage is better, and, accordingly, it is more likely to increase the customer base. This method has a prerequisite - linking your Instagram account to Facebook. Next, according to the instructions, you select the target audience, type of advertising. With the right approach, this can bring excellent results.

All of these methods will help increase loyalty to you and the services you provide. When your followers need to rent an apartment, they will remember exactly about your account and apply for the service.

Facebook page design and promotion

Here you can create both a page and a separate group specializing in one-day rentals. As for Facebook, the same design principles apply.

Do not forget about the catchy name, which is easy to remember and find on the network. All existing methods of communication with the company should be indicated in the profile for a quick access. Just like on Instagram, you need to post only the high-quality photos. After all, the visual perception is very important. You can read more about the settings and design of the group in the article: "Setting up and designing a group on Facebook."

The next important step is the promotion of business on Facebook. It is here that you can select users by location, by the communities they are members of. A large number of followers are interested in the service provided because of its quality. This way you can get more potential customers.

You can take advantage of paid advertising from Facebook, aimed at the audience loyal to one-day rental.

Business group in Vkontakte

The social network Vkontakte provides an opportunity to create a community for business. It is worth noting that with a sufficient number of followers, such a group rises in the ranking. And if the user is interested in renting and enters such a query in the search bar, then the most demanded positions will be displayed at the very top of the issued offers. Most people turn to the top pages, very rarely visit the entire list up to the very end. Promotion of the VKontakte group makes it possible to be on the top list, which, in its turn, is guaranteed to bring income from selling the service.

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Placement of quality content, detailed information about the apartments will help attract trust among the potential customers. All this is important; one must not lose sight of it. Indeed, the visual content of the page creates a general idea about ​​the Company. With the proper design of the community, the number of potential customers will grow.


In order to promote the business you need to use every opportunity. Social networks in the modern world can be an excellent lever for this. Use all of the recommendations above, and the question "how to promote one day apartment rentals" will not cause you negative emotions.

Using Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte will help in the shortest possible time to receive income from the chosen direction. It is worth noting that after the first month, profitability indicators will only grow. After all, the more people know about you, the more opportunities for earning you get.

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