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Case: Promoting Restaurant Business on Instagram

Instagram is an actively developing social network that opens up endless opportunities for running and promoting a business. Originally perceived as an app for making pictures, processing and posting them and video materials, it has become extremely popular, and has attracted a record number of users. According to official statistics, the number of people registered in the app exceeds 500 million, and the total number of photos and videos in the service reaches 30 billion.

More than 70 million diverse posts are made on Instagram daily, they manage to collect up to 2.5 billion likes on average. Such activity makes the site especially attractive for organizing small businesses – various online stores, online travel agencies, delivery services, etc. However, for a commercial project to be successful, it is necessary to get interest of potential buyers in it. A large number of comments and followers arouses trust in the account, stimulates sales. That is why at the first stages of maintenance, it is necessary to cheat Instagram likes.

Below is a case describing how to use Instagram to promote your restaurant. It will examine in detail aspects of formation of a content plan, introduction of Instagram cheat.

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Case: Promoting Restaurant Business on Instagram

The first stage is preparation of a content plan

Social networks, in particular Instagram, help in the development of such aspects as increasing the loyalty of potential consumers and stimulating sales. By creating an account for a restaurant project, you automatically affect:

• developing partnership with other companies;

• creation of a unique product that can meet customer needs;

• sales;

• the popularity of the institution in the media space.

So how to promote restaurant on Instagram? In order for the restaurant account to achieve the intended results in promotion, the first thing to do is to analyze the specifics of the market and identify the key development vectors. To do this, try to answer the following questions:

• What is your target audience?

• What price segment does your product belong to?

• What specific services do you plan to provide (organization of corporate events, food delivery, business lunches, gastronomic evenings, etc.)?

• Which restaurant products are most in demand among the Instagram users?

A clear understanding of the topics identified will allow to create a competent and commercially successful content plan.

Start with the services offered - modern visitors can be amazed with the non-standard cuisine, extravagant serving of dishes, as well as a variety of cultural events in the evenings. This is what it is recommended to make a bet on. Instagram followers must be convinced of the uniqueness of your restaurant project, want to visit an institution.

Bright and interesting posts will help you achieve the goals. Tell about the chef and his key achievements, go through the menu, introducing unusual dishes to the followers. Keep in mind that the text should stand out from the entire variety of materials posted on the network, while the writing style in each of your posts is maintained in one genre.

The second stage is selection of suitable content

It is one of the most important sections of the case, determining the overall attractiveness of the account. Today's consumer is interested in a beautiful picture, they will not read the text placed under some unpresentable photo with poor color correction. If you want to increase the reach and attendance of your account, enlist the high-quality copyright images designed in the same style.

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What can be captured in photos for posts?

• dishes from the menu - section "Getting acquainted to the kitchen";

• restaurant staff - section “Getting acquainted to the team” (special attention should be paid to the personality of the chef - mention his merits and achievements, professional awards and regalia);

• features of the interior – the section "Restaurant tour";

• visitors - the section “Our guests” (the best option would be if any famous persons or people interesting to your followers will be captured in the photo).

A bunch of monotonous pictures cannot arouse any interest among the audience. Content should be structured - alternate food images with photographs of employees, guests and interior details. The optimal ratio is for every three gastronomic photos one of any other section.

However, good visual content is not the only component of success. People are interested in the reputation of the institution, and Instagram followers and likes, or rather their number, show this the most eloquently. It is clear that the young newly created account will not have a huge army of followers and likes, as a result. That is why at this stage, the promotion of Instagram followers is especially important.

It allows to create the illusion of activity in your profile, bring content to the top, and pin it in the “Interesting” category. The initial cheating of Instagram followers through the specialized services is significantly superior to another promotion option - advertising by bloggers.

The key benefits of cheating Instagram views:

• offers the best value for money;

• gives guaranteed results;

• encourages people to follow an account.

Instagram likes and Instagram followers are the most important indicators, on which the general idea of ​​the restaurant’s profile is based. If there are a lot of them (from 300 likes under each record, about 5000-10000 followers) - then the institution is really good and in demand.

Case: Promoting Restaurant Business on Instagram

The third stage - developing a writing style

Instagram texts should be concise. Do not describe obvious things, try to surprise the target audience, sharing some practical tips, recommendations, and useful information with them.

Please note that the text placed under the photos is mostly determined by the time of day when the post is published. So, for example, the morning posts should include:

• special breakfast menu;

• information on the benefits and importance of breakfast, served in a simple and friendly manner;

• interesting facts about breakfasts in different countries.

Looking through such a publication in the morning, a person will want to visit an institution, try dishes from your morning menu.

According to the same scheme, it is necessary to act in the afternoon. As for the posts published in the evening, they should be particularly bright and full. In them you can tell:

• about the event planned in the institution (if any)

• about the cocktail menu, drinks from the bartenders;

• about special offers and current promotions.

You can also provide a small photo report in the Instagram carousel format from the last party. This stimulates an interest of Instagram followers, motivates them to follow an account to receive more exciting news.

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The fourth stage - working with Stories

Instagram Stories is a recent feature in the app, the option that has managed to gain wild popularity presently. It allows to build an open dialogue with the audience, to establish contact with followers.

The most preferred format for the Instagram Stories is storytelling. With it, you can highlight the features of the institution, quickly inform visitors about favorable offers, and notify about upcoming events and events.

In addition, marketing research conducted during the recent years has proved that storytelling increases the competitiveness of a brand and actively influences sales growth, stimulating consumer interest.


Following the basic tenets of this case, you can promote restaurant on Instagram and significantly increase the popularity of your own restaurant project, and not only online. What will be achieved in the first month of maintaining the account:

• More people will learn about your project - coverage will increase by at least 1.5 times.

• The initial cheat on Instagram views will make the account more interesting for potential visitors to the institution, consolidate it in the top.

• The number of real live followers will increase by 5-10% - this indicator is largely determined by the specifics of the institution, the conditions of the local services market.

• User activity will increase by 8-13% - you will receive more messages about table reservations in Direct, in the comments under the posts people will become interested in main dishes and from the menu.

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• You can expand your affiliate network. For example, on a mutually beneficial PR basis, you can work with local wine or farmer companies.

By the second month, the numbers above will only grow. This will have a beneficial effect on the economic situation of the restaurant. Firstly, you will build a competent brand concept, create a positive image of an institution that respects its customers, appreciates each visitor. Secondly, you will increase the sales. Simple arithmetic works here - the more guests, the higher revenues and profit.

The successes achieved will help in the further development of the restaurant project. So, for example, you will be able to open another venue or supplement the existing one with the new options and offers (delivery service, organization of catering for special occasions and events, etc.).

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