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Case: a Wedding Photographer on Instagram

Do you know how photographers make money on Instagram? - To come up with the unique ideas for wedding photos and wedding photo albums, to demonstrate professionalism to a wide range of potential customers, to be chosen - one has to be different. For having a constant stream of clients, it is necessary to declare oneself. The more people can find out about you, the more orders will be there. Let’s discuss a step-by-step plan for preparing an Instagram wedding photographers portfolio and its further promotion.


• Registration and getting the account ready

• Profile name

• Profile header

• Cover or profile picture

• Content, stories, highlights

• Attracting followers and increasing engagement

Case: a Wedding Photographer on Instagram

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Registration and getting the account ready

In order for a photographer to start making money on Instagram, they have to register a professional page. If the page has already been created, check if its design is correct.

Profile name

The profile name should contain information about the professional activities. For example, the name of the photographer, plus a thematic word, a specific city, etc.: @johnsmith.foto, @alice.weddingphoto, @photosacramento etc.

If there are several ideas, do not be afraid of experiments - here you are limited only by your own imagination, if a nickname has already been taken and the limit of the allowed number of  characters is 30. In addition, if a more successful option suddenly comes to mind and it is not taken yet - Instagram does not limit the nickname change.

Profile header

For a wedding photographer, it is important to correctly fill out the business card of the account - the text design to the right from the profile picture. This is the first thing a potential customer sees when they get to the page.

The size of the header is limited to 150 characters, so the information must be provided as concisely as possible:

• list of services provided;

• geography of activity - a specific city or the possibility of traveling;

• links to the additional resources (own site, other social networks);

• contact details.

In addition, the urgent information, for example, about promotions or events, can be temporarily added to the header.

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In order for the information in the profile header to attract attention and be remembered better1, the text can be "diluted" with the thematic emoticons or graphic symbols, as well as by unusual fonts.

Proper filling out of the header in itself can become one of the ways to promote your account and search for the new customers, as this information is indexed by the Instagram search.

Cover or profile picture

A cover is an equally important part of any profile. You can use the portrait of the wedding photographer, one of the pictures or a logo. The main condition is that the image on the cover should be large enough and clear.

No matter how unique your work is, it is important to properly design the page - after all, the customers only have a few seconds to look at the profile, subconsciously evaluating the visual part and make (or not make) a decision about cooperation.

Content, stories, highlights

When your account is registered, upload at least 9 posts, add stories, attach important to highlights (eternal or fixed stories). From the first publication or story, be sure to put down the geolocation and wedding hashtags for photographers on Instagram. Use a combination of high and low-frequency hashtags, add cities, create your own individual hashtags.

IMPORTANT: the number of hashtags should not exceed 30.

Of course, the main thing in the photographer’s work is photos, but one should not underestimate the importance and influence of the text. State the following information as clearly as possible: how the shooting process goes, the style of your work, prices, special conditions, tell about the unique wedding photo ideas.

Remember what questions the future newlyweds usually ask when discussing photography, and answer them in advance in your posts or stories. The person who visits your page and gets answers to all their questions is more likely to become your client than the one who visits, takes a look at the pictures and forgets about it.

Case: a Wedding Photographer on Instagram

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While everything is more or less clear with the posts, stories can often make confused. What is better to add to highlights?

• Personal information. You can record several short videos with a story about yourself, about your work as a wedding photographer.

• Service catalog and price list with a brief description.

• Design options for wedding photo albums.

• Customer reviews. This section is required. According to studies of the behavior of consumers of goods and services, nowadays people are more likely to decide on cooperation or purchase due to the reviews and recommendations of other people, rather than due to a detailed study of offers, as it was earlier.

• Announcements about the upcoming events, or reports on the past events.

• Information about promotions and giveaways.

Attracting followers and increasing engagement

Instagram page promotion and photographer’s income depends not only on visual design and text content. It is important to regularly update content and increase the number of followers. The more active readers, the more orders the photographer gets.

In order to draw attention to the page, you can use methods such as mass-linking, mass-following, comments on other user posts. The Instagram algorithm is designed in such a way that in order for the more posts of the wedding photographer are shown to the followers, any activity on the page is important - views, follows, comments, likes, saves. The higher it is, the more impressions there are.

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Comments can help you get feedback from the followers, find out an opinion about your work, and get an impression from the shooting. Therefore, it is important to actively maintain a conversation, ask questions and in every possible way involve followers in a conversation under their posts.

In addition to commenting on your profile, comments under the posts of other users work well. Usually people react warmly to the kind words addressed to them.

Doing it yourself manually is time-consuming, the sought-after photographer simply does not have the chance and time to fully draw the attention of a large number of users to their profile and ensure a significant increase in the number of followers.

In such cases, it’s better to use inexpensive automated promotion services, for example, ALL-SMM, with it you can effectively promote your profile, increase the number of Instagram likes and followers.

The competition in the wedding photography market is very high, so for those photographers who are not growing, do not develop the new platforms for promotion, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the new customers. On Instagram, the potential customers are more inspired by the trust of the well-promoted profiles, with a significant number of followers and likes, so it’s so important for the photographers to promote their work accounts.

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